Monday, April 24, 2017

Volunteered 3D Content for a VR game.

Here are some snapshots of some of the volunteer work I have created for a VR title during my time working as a QA tester for Big Fish Games. This is for a VR game called Moonshot Galaxy created by the companies VR division Liftoff Labs. This is the first time I have had 3D content created for a released game.

The base models for each level were created in Maya by me while final touch ups were added in Unity by the art team from the Liftoff Labs. All of this work was voluntary as a means of gaining some experience and feedback working with the team. I really enjoyed working with these guys and would love to work with them again. :)

The first two shot are from the first level I created for the first Expansion of the game when it was titled Galaxy Golf. The idea for this level was to have the ball travel pass obstacles that appears inside a gaping hole of one huge planet. The theme for the entire course was fire and ice.

This boss level was created for the PS4 expansion of the game with the new title name Moonshot Galaxy. I assisted in creating assets for this level. However, the main focus on my contributed work was creating the main boss for their Tiki course Magamator. I only took part in creating the base modeling for this asset while final model tweaks, effects and texturing were done by the developers at Liftoff Labs.

Base Mesh Specifications for Magamator Boss assets and his Crater