Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun with Mudbox "Fat Guy Head"

Now that I am new to settling in to my new home. I have a lot free time on my hands since I am currently job less. Since this past Sunday with nothing to do, I have decided to buckle down and do some sculpting. I am currently getting use this sculpting program called Mudbox. For those of you that don't know its a high-end digital sculpting program used to generate high quality detail for CG models in movies as well as high end detail normal/displacement maps for game models. Anyway I was toying with a program messing with some of its features and managed to generate a default fat guy head from a single sphere. Its funny how it reminds me of someone I use to with as my last job. Its now a in progress model so I am still doing things to it as well as learn more about the program it self. Have a look as see what for yourself.