Friday, October 12, 2018

Happy Pre-Halloween

Happy Pre-Halloween with a new concept asset sculpt made in Medium. This one at first was created as a test asset using stock ref meshes that when turned to clay as a base then re-imagined with heavy detailed modifications into this original composition. This is also my first public post on the Oculus Medium artist Web page. So far its got some positive reception. Take a took!

3D in VR with Oculus Medium

Last August I managed to land a contract job as a QA Tester within Facebook Oculus with the Medium Sculpting team. I have to say it was a dream come true to at work within the organization in which I want to eventually grow as a artist working in games and experiences for VR. Even though I work as a test on the team, I also take to use the app as a end user creating my own sculpting concepts that I do for fun but also use for testing bug issues. To be honest being here is very intimidating to put myself out there with my work but here are some sample of I have produced in Medium Thus far.

This is one few scenes I have composed over time with Medium. It started out as just a tree asset but wanted to play with the idea build more spaces in 3d using Medium. The app still has a long way to go with optimization for games but I know with enough care to the product it will get there.   :D 

To be honest working here is a bit intimidating but as I get older and dealing with loss in my life. I really dont have much to lose if I go out trying again to put my work out there. For the longest time I have let my ego get the best of me when being afraid to show my work especially after being critiqued in a non constructive way that left me no room for hope in growth. I am slowly learning to push pass this by taking some action to make changes in my life to face my fear.  God help me! I am here at the comapny why not act and show who you are regardless who may think of you. Sure its easier said then done but it can be done. Okay END RANT!!!! More to come :D

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recent assets models created for a potential game project.

Here is a few world asset models I created for a potential Space themed game project that was eventually put on hold during production. This was another attempt at volunteering my time to increase my skill sets in 3D modeling for games. Zbrush and Maya were the main tools used for creating these assets.

World assets for Rocks.

Portable Space Generator Specs

Monday, April 24, 2017

Volunteered 3D Content for a VR game.

Here are some snapshots of some of the volunteer work I have created for a VR title during my time working as a QA tester for Big Fish Games. This is for a VR game called Moonshot Galaxy created by the companies VR division Liftoff Labs. This is the first time I have had 3D content created for a released game.

The base models for each level were created in Maya by me while final touch ups were added in Unity by the art team from the Liftoff Labs. All of this work was voluntary as a means of gaining some experience and feedback working with the team. I really enjoyed working with these guys and would love to work with them again. :)

The first two shot are from the first level I created for the first Expansion of the game when it was titled Galaxy Golf. The idea for this level was to have the ball travel pass obstacles that appears inside a gaping hole of one huge planet. The theme for the entire course was fire and ice.

This boss level was created for the PS4 expansion of the game with the new title name Moonshot Galaxy. I assisted in creating assets for this level. However, the main focus on my contributed work was creating the main boss for their Tiki course Magamator. I only took part in creating the base modeling for this asset while final model tweaks, effects and texturing were done by the developers at Liftoff Labs.

Base Mesh Specifications for Magamator Boss assets and his Crater

Monday, March 9, 2015

Redesign of Snake Fountain

Current work in progress redesign of a snake fountain design I am building for a potential scene. Added green lighting for slight environment effect. The major change over all is the huge snake man as the center piece. I think it loos a lot better compared to the last design. All parts are a composite of both diffuse and normal maps. still adding more for final touches.

Here are some of the Hi-Res Zbrush designs sculpts that helps generate the Normal Maps.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Behold! The New "Greega"

Hello again! I am back on my blog post in means to update you on some of my current pieces of artwork. Here is what I have been working just recently. I redesigned and old creature design I created in college to give him a makeover because he just so needed one ugh! ha ha. Here is a before shot of the model.

As you can see it has some promise but over time I wasn't full happy with my result so I took the initiative to redesign Greega into a more beastly looking creature. With that being said here is my end result.

See! That looks muuuuuuuuch better! :D The model is complete with normal maps at 2048 x 2048 size. However, I am currently still working on a rig for Greega to put him in poses.

More to come..... Laterz!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fun with Mudbox "Fat Guy Head"

Now that I am new to settling in to my new home. I have a lot free time on my hands since I am currently job less. Since this past Sunday with nothing to do, I have decided to buckle down and do some sculpting. I am currently getting use this sculpting program called Mudbox. For those of you that don't know its a high-end digital sculpting program used to generate high quality detail for CG models in movies as well as high end detail normal/displacement maps for game models. Anyway I was toying with a program messing with some of its features and managed to generate a default fat guy head from a single sphere. Its funny how it reminds me of someone I use to with as my last job. Its now a in progress model so I am still doing things to it as well as learn more about the program it self. Have a look as see what for yourself.