Friday, April 27, 2007

Yet another entry. Arr Me Matey!

This is Xerus, a pirate character I am modeling in 3D using Maya 7.0. It still in it early stages but I am adding new stuff to him and changing as I go along.

Chapter1: Genesis of a New Blogger

Ok so this is my first entry on Blogspot. Yeah I know nothing interesting yet but I want to get my feet wet a little. Ok to the left of here is a stenciled pic of myself that was quickly made in Photoshop just using the psint tool and a Filter or two. Yeah I know Filters Booooooooooooo! but it gets the job done in some cases. I am still getting use to painting in photoshop and I'm getting better. I should post some more of my other stuff very shortly so keep your eyes peeled for Updates.
Well that is all
Take Care and Bye